What is a Gold IRA u0026 How Can I Buy and Invest In Gold as Part of My Retirement Investing?

Tim: In this video, we’re going to talk
about IRA gold – how do you take your retirement funds and invest them in precious metals. Good morning, Brian. How are you today? Brian: Very good. How are you, Tim? Tim: Now, this is a fascinating topic to me,
precious metals. I know there’s a huge demand out there to
buy gold and silver and precious metals, and if I could do that with my retirement funds,
that would start to feel like it’s really kind of under my control. That would be terrific. But, I know I’d have to do it the right
way. Can you tell me, firstly, what is IRA gold,
and secondly, how do you do it? Brian: Sure. Basically, a person would be buying precious
metals by having a self-directed IRA account. The way that’s produced and the way that’s
structured is, essentially, we provide a plan for you. There is an LLC which is created as part of
that plan. The critical element of the LLC is that, under
the Operating Agreement of the LLC, you’re going to be limited to only invest in those
things, those assets, that the IRS permits you to invest in, and there’s certain types
of precious metals investments that are covered by that. So, essentially, you would be able to buy
precious metals using that vehicle in your IRA. Tim: This is fascinating to me. So, if I have the right structure, which your
company could help me with, I can actually take my retirement funds and put that into
things like real estate, things like precious metals, as long as it’s, you know, IRS sanctioned
and it’s got the right legal advice, and so on. And so, can I take that gold? Does it stay in Fort Knox? Can I stick it in a shoebox under my bed? How does that work? Brian: Well, actually, that’s a bit of a
complicated topic, depending on the nature of the precious metals that you’re purchasing,
and different law firms actually take different positions, whether that’s going to be limited
to American Eagles, for example, actually purchasing them and holding on to that. You know, there’s a school of thought... Tim: But it’s possible? Brian: Absolutely possible. Tim: And American Eagles are those gold coins
with the American eagles on them? Brian: Correct. Tim: It’s not like a big gold ingot. Brian: Correct, correct. But, there are all different types of ways
that a person would be able to purchase not only American Eagles, but different types
of coins and bullion, and do it out of their IRA in a completely acceptable way. Tim: Okay, good. And can you do the same thing... We’ve been saying IRA gold. Is there such a thing as 401(k) gold, as well,
if I’m self-employed? Brian: Absolutely. A person could use a self-directed Solo 401(k)
to do exactly the same thing. Tim: That sounds amazing. I wasn’t even aware the possibility was
there. Thank you so much for sharing that with me. I appreciate it. Brian: My pleasure. Tim: For those of you who would like to discover
your own IRA or 401(k) gold, please visit us online at broadfinancial.com, or reach
out and give us a call, and we’ll talk to you about how to make it possible for you.

What is a Gold IRA & How Can I Buy and Invest In Gold as Part of My Retirement Investing?

In this video, Tim Levy and Brian Finkelstein discuss Gold IRAs and how you can buy gold and invest in gold with your retirement funds. Investing in precious metals and IRA Gold investments are a great way to use your retirement funds, and this video will give you all the info you need to know. If you are interested in learning about the basics of Self-Directed retirement investing, investing in precious metals with your retirement funds or controlling your IRA in a way that suits you and your investment preferences, please contact Broad Financial using the information below!


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