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Discover How To Generate A Regular Income Direct From YouTube Without Creating Any Of Your Own Videos!

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Today I am mosting likely to share a vlog on just how as well as exactly how muchI make on youtube, the truth regarding my sponsored videos and also instagram posts!

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Discover How To Generate A Regular Income Direct From YouTube Without Creating Any Of Your Own Videos!


VLOG | How to Make Money on YouTube | Sjlovesjewelry

Hey everyone! 🙂
Today I am going to share a a vlog on how and how muchI earn on youtube, the truth about my sponsored videos and instagram posts!

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New video Monday-Wednesday-Friday!

▶▶ VLOG | My Morning Routine :- http://bit.ly/2b5nG4L

▶▶ VLOG | My GM Diet Experience | What I Ate For 7 Days | Healthy Recipes :- http://bit.ly/2b5ogQf

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35 Replies to “VLOG | How to Make Money on YouTube | Sjlovesjewelry”

  1. Debasree Banerjee

    This video was so so necessary!! I've had SO MANY similar comments, where people have been like oh she is spending her dad's money, her dad must have robbed a bank (how effing rude is that?) as much thick skin as I try to have, this gets me. When people are in a job they never get asked how much is your salary, how are you buying stuff. I feel the same when people get bored with the same products, and when I buy then they're offended. MUCH NEEDED video Shreya! 🙄😘😘

    • Shruti Banerjee

      Love you debasree didi.... Don't respond to negative ppl... We love you so much... Please don't feel sad for all those stupid people.... We love you soooo much

    • Nikita Pasar

      i completely agree with you guys. deb n shreya u both are inspiration to me. This is so damn rude, how can ppl even ask this, shameless breed. I wouldn't even ask a guy whom i m dating or seeing, that how much he earns n how much is ur salary.

  2. Larissa DSa

    Thanks for making this Shreya!!! This was SOOOO necessary to be spoken about! People dont understand that salaries and how much we earn is really private. And when we dont talk about it we are rude. Its very upsetting. Thanks for talking for all of us 🙂 ❤️❤️❤️ you're awesome ❤️😘

  3. Soumi Bose

    may b you are d first one who r showing all these things. respect girl. and u r damn good in ur videos. keep up d good work. 👍

  4. Subha RK

    Love you Shreya. You're so frank where you aren't need to be that frank to unknown persons. Great you are 👍👏 love your attitude 😘😘😘

  5. Alisha Anthony

    Whoa! That was seriously the mossssstttttt honest video I've ever seen by a YouTuber! Girl you got some serious guts to bluntly name all those brands you dnt wana work with had it been someone else I am sure no one would've been bluntly honest abt it and definitely given a diplomatic answer. Love your videos anyway but respect for you after watching this video
    More power to you babe👏😘

  6. Divya Sawant

    Kudos to you Shreya for being such an amazing person!!!

    You inspire me to become a better blogger! Loved this video! Wish to meet you soon ...xoxo

  7. Salwa Hurzuk

    People should not ask about her father's earning that really bad question. They should mind their own business instead.

  8. Simran Kataria

    You're going to go a long way!
    I love how real you are, you're the second real YouTuber I've found because of Komal.

  9. isha mohal

    Loved it... Its just a slap on the face of those people who constantly keep commenting negative things weneva u put on a haul video... Way to go dear... Love ya !! 😘

  10. Priaz Beauty Zone

    Omg Shreya. U have got real guttzz girl 👍🏻💖
    This was such an insight for a new youtuber like me...
    God bless us all
    Take care and keep going. U rock ✌🏻

  11. Sayani Banerjee

    I would have given a ❤ for this video if it had something like the reactions on facebook.
    You're amazing Shreya.

  12. CloverLuckable

    Hey! I like how honest you've been in this video. Tbh some of us get the same flack as you in real life as well, like lets say we put up a post on instagram or something so this has been sort of relatable as well.
    Oh and i also love your videos! Keep up the great work 🙂

  13. shikha mittal

    Ooooo my god... Its really hard to do dis type of video ❤️😍 hats off bcoz u r not wrong 💗😊 keep it up just luv it 💞😊😍😘😘

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