Paid Social Media Jobs Review: Honest Review By A Real User [no view]

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A truthful Paid Social Media Jobs evaluation from someone that is utilizing the Paid Social media site Jobs and also can offer the most trusted review online today.

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Paid Social Media Jobs Review: Honest Review By A Real User [no view]

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An honest Paid Social Media Jobs review from someone who is using the Paid Social Media Jobs and can offer the most reliable review on the internet today.

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30 Replies to “Paid Social Media Jobs Review: Honest Review By A Real User [no view]”

  1. RobRandomRepairs

    1,000 Facebook like is not as easy 2hr!…i had previously commented here and noticed my comment was deleted…ITS NOT AS EASY AS HE MAKES IT SOUND, I AM A FORMER USER AND TRYING TO GET MY MONEY BACK.

  2. Caitlin Owen

    As far as crediting this guy for his review, it is hard to say whether he is right or wrong. Because, to be quite honest, this stuff does work for some people. It's about the dedication and time you are willing to give up to possibly come out on top. From my understanding, that's how business success works.

    I'm a normal college student who decided to give this a shot for two reasons: Social Media Management consists of particular responsibilities our generation is good at (e.g. online interaction). Also, I am looking for new opportunities so where's a better place to start than the Internet?

    I read all of your reviews below and still thought I'd give it a shot. Complain about the $47 dollars all you would like; however, do realize that they give you a sixty day time period for a yay or nay, and if you are unsatisfied then you get every cent back. If this is untrue, and I decide this is indeed a scam, I will post on here and let you know whether or not I received the $47 I was risking in order to give it a shot.

    Just to verify, @justlaugh83, you couldn't figure out how to begin the course after signing up...? I am sorry to hear that, but maybe this job just isn't for you. Emailing the management, "I want to start!" is like asking them to hold your hand step-by-step. Their job is simply to provide you with information, lectures, resources, guides, and a database of networks that want your application.

    For the record, if you think its just about "setting up a Facebook account" and getting money, then you're entirely wrong. If you do some research and listen to personal success accounts you will find that Social Media Management consists of different tasks: set up the social media accounts, post appealing content as a way to attract potential customers, keep track of all online comments, and have an accountable online presence at all times. This is an actual job, one that companies hire for. This is not a "let me sit and do nothing job" we all love to think is possible. 

    If you are interested in knowing whether or not the "scam" is real, then I'd be more than happy to let you know.

    • Ann Marie Hilarie

      @Caitlin Owen
      Hi Caitlin was looking the replies and I am thinking about trying this system out and I would like to know if it worked for you. I would invest the $47 no problem but would wanted to have wasted time over something that doesn't work. Thank if you let me know. Can you message me at Thanks a million. Best regards....

    • Caitlin Owen

      @EnvariexMusicNetwork Not too bad, to be honest. Follow the lectures, do as it says, don't expect that by giving them your money they find a job FOR you. They prepare you and give you a way to land a job yourself; the "way" is by giving you a network of companies hiring. They're not lying or scamming anyone, read the homepage of their site, they even say it themselves: "With the training and tools that we provide, anyone can do this and begin making money doing the things they are already doing on social media." (PaidSocialMediaJobs). It's a how-to-guide, knowledge in the field, and a network provided system. I laugh when people say "marketing scam... getting paid... total scam!" Wow, you must have a very distorted view on how businesses work, then. It is only a scam for those who sign up and expect to immediately have a job. Why would companies hire someone no knowledge in social media marketing? The company does what every other business does: attract customers by their "pitch". Is it wrong? No and yes, either way, it's business. Bottom line: use the site as a way to gain experience and knowledge, then use their GIVEN RESOURCES/NETWORKS as a way to get YOURSELF a job. Or just teach yourself. It's how you use it. 

  3. nikovallachus

     i really dont trust any schemes were you are promised to make real money but there is just one thing... send 100 dollars first. 
     maybe this job is all about getting other suckers to pay 100 dollars. 
     i don't know. im just saying
     if this would be at least half as good as it appears.. at 800 buck a week i dont know why is anyone not already in there.

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