30 Replies to “Nokia 105 Unboxing & Review”

  1. Terrible Tanner

    *I have to have this.*
    That's a proper Nokia. LOOK at it - it's flaming colossal! Woe betide *anything* I drop this brick on.

  2. DiscoGym

    Unfortunately this Nokia 105 has SAR at 1,4 W/kg. Recommended is max 0,8 W/kg.
    - So the hunt for a good dumbphone continues 🙂

    • Алексей Рафиков

      you can download some customizations on mob.org, but the 8mb storage is a restriction, so spend it wisely.

    • Kaspar Ambuehl

      @P1asma Ch1ef maybe, but the phone barely has any storage, like you need to empty the messages list after 100 texts because the phone runs out of storage, the phone also cant hold a sd card. i know this because i used to have this phone and it once notified me to empty the messages list simply because the sotrage was full

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