NEW Samsung Level U Pro Bluetooth Headset Review

Click Here for More Details of Samsung Level U Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

This is a review and unboxing of the most recent variation of Samsung Degree U Pro. Simply launched right before Xmas 2015.

Click Here for More Details of Samsung Level U Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

NEW Samsung Level U Pro Bluetooth Headset Review

This is a review and unboxing of the newest version of Samsung Level U Pro. Just released right before Christmas 2015.

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    • Lukas High

      +Jimmycurtis Gachau LOL Alex banned me from commenting on the United Stand ahahaha For telling people he is censoring me... He censored me some more ahahaha That dude can not take constructive criticism at all ahahaha

  1. etniesdub

    picked these up for 30 euro on Amazon. they are great. can seamlessly swap between my gear s3 and s8+ . good quality sound, great noise cancellation.

  2. Legedia 328

    can you help me to use the Sound-With-Me? I tried so many times with other Level U Pro but I don't know how to do it

  3. Didou bouj

    U are amazing!!!! If u compare them -level u's- to samsung or sony or even apple earphones, what is the sound quality???

    • TheReviewITGUY

      sound quality is really clear. Sometimes like on an airplane I wish they got just a tad bit louder. However it depends on the source of your audio and how loud it was recorded. They are great!

  4. Alex Rud

    how do you fix the call sound quality. I can hear the person on the other end well but for them I sound kind of muffled. I use them with Samsung Galaxy S7 edge. I was wondering how to fix the issue.

    • TheReviewITGUY

      I don't think there is a fix. If it sounds bad you may have a defective pair. The call quality sounds good on mine. Keep in mind if you have a shirt with a collar or a jacket it on it can affect the microphones from picking up your voice clearly. This may be the issue. Try them wearing only a T shirt and see if the quality is better.

  5. Alex Pratt

    Hi! Thanks from russian guy! I ve got level u and like it the same as you. I watched your movie thanks and I wonna buy a pro version. But can u tell me how bud is sitting? Wing bud in u is great and I am kinda afraid of bud falling out without aby wing or smth.

  6. Juan Alberti

    Noise cancelation doesn't work properly. I work in retail and when I talk to my wife, she can hear everything in the background. Do I have to switch something on to enable the feature?

    • Juan Alberti

      +TheReviewITGUY yeah, I think it meant that you don't listen to other background noise but not when you're talking to someone. But I did see in the manual that there's a second microphone in the back of the headset. It does have dual-mic noise reduction and echo cancellation which supposedly reduces outside sound interference. But like I said I think it only has to do with when you're listening to people or music.

  7. kirubakaran ambru

    Decent review .. 😉 next time try to cover the table with a cloth or something, for the clear visibility of the products ....

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