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Discover How To Generate A Regular Income Direct From YouTube Without Creating Any Of Your Own Videos!


Make Money on YouTube!

AdRev can help you make money on YouTube! Sign up today and get started!

Get these for FREE when you sign up:
-Access to 500,000 award winning tracks and sound effects for your videos
-24/7 Customer Support
-Access to AdRev ViewBoost
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36 Replies to “Make Money on YouTube!”

  1. ★ EpicMetalPiece / Best Compilations ➥

    I'm partnered with AdRev, since 3 years ago, and this is an awesome network. Great support, great payments (CPM), monthly payments, they're friendly and I have the rights of my videos. 
    Lovely network.

    • AdRevTalentNetwork

      @Chris Guidotti Hi There! That's actually a bit complicated to answer, as YouTube also takes a share of the revenue as well (which they do for any ad shown on YouTube).

      No, we do not take any ownership of your content or copyrights. You're simply giving us permission to show ads across your content, collect the revenue, and pay that revenue down to you.

  2. smoloakley

    might sign up, i am trying to get my on pc.. i have a video on my channel, i gave credit in the descript, will i still get paid?

    • AdRevTalentNetwork

      @MrReapzZ No Catch! We work off of a revenue share model, so you will never have to send us a dime! Cheers!

  3. zInsurge

    Why/How does your business work if we don't pay for the services you provide? Just curious because I never understood how these programs make money off what they do.

    • AdRevTalentNetwork

      @zInsurge Hi there! You don't have to pay us any money for the service, but we split your channel's ad revenue between us, so that's how the business works! Let us know if you have any questions about signing up!

    • AdRevTalentNetwork

      @just a potato farmer We love your channel name! No subscriber requirements! We're open to all YouTubers!

  4. NyannAtWAR


    • AdRevTalentNetwork

      @ThatsOpinion You must be 18+ to sign up, otherwise your parent or legal guardian must sign you up. We love Germans! AdRev is a global company, all countries are welcome! Cheers!

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