Make 200 Dollars Per Day Online - Precious Metals - Goldco Affiliate

all righty guys in today's video i'm
going to show you how you can make up to 200
per sale in a market that is fluctuating and also can be stable for
you in what you're going to be doing what
i'm showing you here today all right we're going to get you started on that
here right now to this page right here and
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regularly here on this channel okay well with that out of the way one
like i told you i'm going to show you how you can make up to 200
per sale in a volatile market using affiliate marketing here that people are
really searching for this particular because of this market is so volatile
they're searching for this way to help themselves protect their money
from the up and down of the stock market and the devaluation
of the dollar bill okay so to do that we're going to come over here to
this site it's called gold co you see it up here in the address bar
it's and when you come over here to this side
you'll see that this site is where people can
invest in iras and gold silver iras gold ras and do retirement
planning with their 401ks and so on and so forth here
and they can protect their money from the up and down of the stock market in
from losing money because the dollar let's just face it the dollar which is
the the world standard of uh of monetary
use is the dollar bill the united states dollar bill and everybody i think knows
that the value of the dollar bill is coming down well people are looking
in other ways to invest their money to help protect their
the value of their money so gold is one of the things silver there's platinum
there's uh tanzanite there's all kinds of different precious metals people can
invest in well this site right here gold co offers people a way to protect
their money through silver and gold in retirement planning they have different
resources here uh palladium and platinum prices i mean
there's just all kinds of precious metals
that people can invest in to protect their money the value of their
assets anyway says learn how to protect your retirement and then people can come
here and find out how you can see here some of the companies
that have used uh this is you know google's one better
business bureau they have an a plus rating 500 talked about them as a
lot of different companies here that have raided this particular company
called gold co they've got self-directed gold ras and
they could people can you can actually buy
gold and silver from this site and they talk about a little bit how they help
and why you should choose them some of the people's testimonies that have
invested with this company and then they have some of their blog
posts that talk about the different advantages of buying gold
and silver and other precious metals as well as
some of the econ economic or econom economy things that's going on with the
up and down of the economy and the dollar bill and so on and so forth
talks about here if they're ready to protect their retirement savings they
can get a self-directed ira guide here for free
and so on and so forth but now this is a little bit about this site
at what you know people can do when they come to this site
and the things that they can purchase in gold and so on silver and so on and so
forth now how are you going to make some money on
this site that's what we're interested right
well what we're going to do is we're going to come up here to the top of the
site right here and you see there's a little magnifying
glass right here if you can see where my mouse is here
and you want to click on that right there that's the search engine
and what you're going to type in there is we're going to type in affiliate and you see it drops down this menu and
you see right here it says the gold co affiliate program right here well when
you click on that when you type affiliate in the search
engine you click on this top one right here
this particular page right here you can see right here it talks about the gold
co affiliate program where you can get
involved here and make yourself a bunch of money here you can see right
here it says are you interested in helping people
protect their retirement accounts from things like stock market crashes and
dollar devaluation are you an expert marketer
with experience in driving traffic and generating qualified sales leads
or do you want to join the most exciting profitable affiliate program
in the financial services industry it says here if you answered yes to any
of those questions the gold co affiliate program is for you
it says gold code pays out more than 150 000 every month through its affiliate
programs and we're ready to double or even triple that number and says are
you the right affiliate marketer for the job
click the link below to apply now on the button the apply
is right over here on the right side you can see on this banner right here
that you can apply right here but some more about details about this
the affiliate program details it's 100 percent
free to join no cost to join unlike many other
affiliate programs there's absolutely no cost to join the gold co
affiliate program and the payouts with payouts from different offers
ranging from 35 to 200 per conversion there is no limit
to the amount of money that you can make with the gold co affiliate program
we're currently paying out more than 150 000 a month to the partners
and they're ready to double and triple that like i told you back up here and
uh nice thing about this one is guys is the gold co-affiliate program has
not only multiple types of creatives that you see here
with varying messages available to use on virtually all marketing channels
included including but not limited to email
social media paid search organic search and more but the nice thing about this
company here also they allow you as an affiliate
to create your own creative assets to use
in your marketing now it does say here that it has to be approved by your
manager your gold co affiliate manager okay prior to using and uh but you can
do that put your success in your own hands
and that's something few other affiliate programs offer which is
pretty much the case so that's pretty cool about this company allows you you
can create your own type of marketing materials
to market your affiliate link or their affiliate uh your their program here to
get people to come over and sign up to one of these iras or
these to buy gold or whatever and so on and so
forth and when anybody buys off this site
you can make up to two hundred dollars per sale anywhere from 35 to 200
per sale here their payout schedule is the gold co affiliate group program pays
out bi-weekly or twice a month via paypal
so now i've talked to you guys about paypal before
it's free to get one just go to make sure that you have
a paypal account it's just the personal is enough you don't need the business
unless you just want a business account with paypal
but the personal is enough and just make sure that you use the same
email address that you signed up with on paypal
to sign up with on your affiliate program here
on this site here which i'll show you here in just a moment
now in their cookie link here's another cool thing about this guys
you can drive traffic today and make money tomorrow with gold coast
generous 30 day sticky cookie they'll that cookie's assigned to you
for 30 days so in other words if they click your link
today and they go over to gold coast site
and they don't purchase anything today if they come back anytime in the next 30
days and they purchase something then you
still get the credit for it because your their cookie has been
attached to your affiliate link in your affiliate id so you still get
the credit for that regardless that's the cool
thing about this the way you do that just come up here
you see the banner on the right hand side right here
uh join our affiliate program just click on that
and when you do it brings you over here to this point and if you already got a
account you can just log in right here if you don't have an account yet you're
going to sign up you'll want to or you can log in up here
on the right side up here above my head you can see the login right there as
well email support and guest but you just
click right here it says partner sign up it loads up this uh application page
right here and you can you can put your company or
your name in here your address your city and also guys i
meant to tell you not only is this free but this can be worked from anywhere in
the world so there's no it doesn't matter where you're at
in the world you can do this if you look right here what is the country
right now mine says united states because it picks up my
address my ip address as being here in this country
but yours will probably show up as you can see here
it's every country in the whole wide world here guys doesn't matter
where you're at you can work and be an affiliate
and sell the products on this particular site
to people that are looking to protect their money
in iras and 401ks and so on and so forth in precious metals to be able to protect
their money which i'm going to say this is going to be a pretty hot market
because everybody knows that the value of the dollar is
going down every day it seems like so any country you can do this with and
then you just put in a state if you're in
whatever country and state you're in your zip code put your phone number in
these are all required you have to have this
and then put your user details here to ask for your email address
you're going to put your paypal email address in there you want to keep
everything congruent across the board right and then
put in create a password confirm it and then it's asking you for your first name
and last name here again and then your title if you want to have mr or mrs or
something like that and then additional questions here what
is your primary method of driving traffic you can put in here
it can be social media can be any kind of
uh paid advertisement it can be solo ads it can be
social media it can be classifieds it can be any kind of way that you can
think of that you want to drive traffic to your
affiliate links or your creatives that you use from this
site or whatever creatives you create
yourself right and then it says here what website do you generate leads on if
you have a blog or a website that you use you can put
your have their banners on there tell them
that you will use your website to drive traffic with here's how quickly
do you plan to start driving traffic to their offers well you can tell them
either immediately or within the week whatever you want
whatever you choose on that and then roughly how much traffic do you
expect to send to their office per month well
if you don't know just take a guess just say like
a thousand to two thousand visitors per month
you know just put a guess in there here it says do you have any skype do you
have a skype account if you do have skype go ahead and put
your username your skype username in there and they may do some video chat
with you with your affiliate manager that you'll have
through this particular website and then it says do you have any
previous experience generating leads or sales
for gold companies it says okay it's okay if you don't right here
so it doesn't matter this is a multiple choice you just click the arrow
drop down choose no if not or yes if you have
i don't know only you know that right and then
what's the average age of subscribers on your list if you have an email list
you can click down and choose the average age of your subscribers
if you don't have an email list that's okay just put down here you can just
put anything just put 40 to 49 or something like that or 50 plus it
doesn't matter just pick a number what is the political
leaning of your subscribers now don't ask me i don't know why that's
what bearing this has to do on being an affiliate here but
they've given you some choices here liberal middle of the road or
conservative political leanings of your of the
subscribers on your mailing list and you know why that matters i don't have a
clue it says here what is the average email
open rate if you're not real sure and or if you
have an email list and you know then you've got some ranges right here
if you're not real sure just put down click on any one of these numbers you
want and then what is your average email
click-through rate and that depends on your list if you have a list
and you know you can put that in here if you don't just pick a number
because you want to get approved to be an affiliate for this company so that
you can make money with this affiliate program
with this company then just check the box down here i
agree to the terms and conditions with the gold coal affiliate program
and here i hereby consent to allow them to use your information and so on so
forth to send you their third-party advertisements and so
on and so forth i don't think you have to
check that but it's your choice and then just click the sign up button
and then you'll go through and you'll get your affiliate link
and then you can begin to promote the gold co offers that they have right here for
people that are looking to protect their money guys
and this is going to be a pretty hot market right now because of the
the fluctuation in the volatility of the market
the stock market and the devaluation of the dollar bill the price is going down
on our dollar and so people are going to be looking to
buy gold and silver in fact i myself have already invested
in both gold and bitcoin i invest in cryptocurrency
myself gold okay so nevertheless guys that's what i
wanted to show you today is a way that you can make money with
this gold co company's affiliate program also help people at
the same time protect their assets so that they don't
lose them because of the crazy going on with the world today
with all this crazy pandemic stuff and so on and so forth
well guys if you like this video reach down there and give me a thumbs up
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you need to click down there where it says mentor with in the top of
my description and uh guys i'll let you go with that
and i'll check you out here in a couple of days or so
on the next exciting video you guys take care don't forget to leave comments and
questions down there if you have any questions about this program here and
i'll get back with you alrighty guys i'll check you later you guys have an
awesome day today bye-bye you

Make 200 Dollars Per Day Online - Precious Metals - Goldco Affiliate

Make 200 Dollars Per Day Online - Precious Metals - Goldco Affiliate

In this video I'll show you how to make $200 per day of per sale with an affiliate marketing platform. If you've thought about how to start affiliate marketing, then this video will be for you.

This could also work into a passive income type of marketing for you as well. The company that you can do this type of marketing with is called Goldco. They deal in 401k's, IRA's, and different types of assets including precious metals.

You can make anywhere from $35 - $200 per sale. And they even give you all the marketing material you need to make money online with their affiliate program. This is a great way to earn money online right from the comfort of your home.

This can even be done from anywhere in the world. So if you want to make money, with affiliate marketing, then you need to watch this video all the way through.

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