39 Replies to “How To Start A Youtube Channel And Make Money !!”

  1. Virgi Amaro

    Long time i want to make a video n youtube
    How to do start
    Here u are
    Very well explain
    Thank u so much
    I will see if i can make it
    God Bless.

  2. Mark Riel

    thank you for your help you are the first video we have watched we are older and dont have much internet learning you made it so simple for my Husband and I

  3. Sieline M.

    thank you for the very informative message hope one day when i put up my own channel hope you can give me thumbs up too😀😃😀👍

  4. catherine martina

    OMG I've been looking at video's on how to vlog for thee days...Yours is the BEST. You are organized. Step by step. The was super informative and excellent. Thank you. Oh, I tried to click on the video regarding equipment, but it would not engage.

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