How do YouTubers Make Money?

Discover How To Generate A Regular Income Direct From YouTube Without Creating Any Of Your Own Videos!

Brand bargains, adsense, merch, gigs, touring, patreon, publications ... there is so much value in on-line video, and also we've had an actually tough time converting it into dollars successfully. Great deals of YouTubers are able to support themselves, some even obtain rich, however many can only supplement their various other projects and also work with their YouTube associated earnings. It may be that makers will certainly need to relocate more into subscription-style content for higher spending plan ventures.

But SciShow and Crash Course are risk-free as well as safe below on the YouTube platform. Both were designed with these systems in mind as well as have located a path to sustainability many thanks to advertisers and our Patreon clients.

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Discover How To Generate A Regular Income Direct From YouTube Without Creating Any Of Your Own Videos!


How do YouTubers Make Money?

Brand deals, adsense, merch, gigs, touring, patreon, books...there is so much value in online video, and we've had a really hard time converting it into dollars efficiently. Lots of YouTubers are able to support themselves, some even get rich, but most can only supplement their other projects and jobs with their YouTube related revenue. It may be that creators will need to move more into subscription-style content for higher budget endeavors.

But SciShow and Crash Course are safe and secure here on the YouTube platform. Both were designed with these systems in mind and have found a path to sustainability thanks to advertisers and our Patreon patrons.

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74 Replies to “How do YouTubers Make Money?”

  1. thewinterizzy

    Do you ever think about the fact that one day there will be textbooks about the entertainment industry that probably includes YouTube and cites the guild as, Hank and John could be in a future history book. A question on an exam. I dunno man, I just think you guys are great and doing commendable work. Glad I can be a part of it, no matter how small.

  2. thebrainscoop

    Yeah! 'k, this is kinda long but I want to share my unique situation because I don't think a lot of people are aware of another way to make money by being a YouTube creator: The Brain Scoop is supported by family foundations - these are people who want to give money to the museum, but usually for specific things. In one case, a foundation (the Harris Family Foundation, which we thank at the end of Brain Scoop videos) wanted to put money towards informal education programs that would reach lots of people, and our show was a good fit for their donation. I really wish more organizations like ours would see this potential! Foundations give money... that's what they do. If more academic institutions decided to adopt creative programs like TBS, or wanted a way to support digital education creators, I truly believe the organization could work internally to find a donor who wanted to give to such a program, especially if that person or channel already had an engaged audience. There are so many talented creators on YouTube that could benefit from partnering with organizations in that way, and then they wouldn't have the pressure of being reliant on ad revenue - which, honestly, doesn't offer a lot of job security, especially when you feel you NEED to make content that gets lots of clicks, but maybe isn't "mission-based" content. Lots of our videos have 20-25k views, which doesn't seem like a ton in the scheme of things and definitely wouldn't pay the bills for me and my team of 2 people if we were relying on ad revenue, but those are videos that uphold the purpose of our program - and again, I'm still able to support myself on a stable income.

  3. alvaro del rio g

    At the beginning, at the very second you said: "How does *that* work?" an ad conveniently popped up, hahaha

    • AtillyTheHun

      I think Ethan at h3h3 hit it on the head when he said 'pay them' - He does a pretty good video about YouTube Heroes if you feel like checking it out.

    • Joshua Casey

      Unpopular opinion time. I support it. I definitely think the captioning part is great. I'm a little nervous about the flagging part though because that's just censorship.

    • NinjaPirateJedi

      I agree that if a Youtube Hero gets multiple false flaggings, their status should decrease, become suspended, or removed (depending on the number). It would be really easy for someone to abuse their status and flag videos they disagree with, which is why I hope every flag from a Hero then goes to a real person at Youtube who will have final jurisdiction.

    • Martin Vargic

      @vlogbrothers I think there should be some sort of point deduction for proven false flagging, to discourage abuse - that would fix any problems I personally have with youtube heroes. As rewards for adding subtitles go, I am all for it.

    • vlogbrothers

      I think people have ceased being generous to YouTube at all and see every new feature as a collection of its worst case scenarios. I don't know how it will go, but I do know that there is some content on this website that needs to be flagged. I have personally reported videos that lured me into watching before showing me intense gore.

      But I do think that it's something that needs to be watched carefully, and I think the response will almost definitely ensure that YouTube will do that. To the people out there who have worked to transcribe videos and report things when they go wrong...THANK YOU! You are Heroes of this platform and I'm not afraid to say it.

  4. Wyllomy Greene

    There is something else going on here as well, but I don't know how it works, and I don't know if Hank might know. When I check the Trending tab on YouTube, many times I'll get a video that has very few views on a channel with very few subscribers. I see the Trending tab as mostly click-bait, and yes, most of the videos on that list are related to my video-watching history. But how do these seemingly random videos make it into my Trending tab? How can something with less than 100 views be 'trending'?

  5. Douglas Rau

    A lot of the time, I wish I could run a Youtube channel like the ones I spend a lot of my time watching but then I wonder, "am I really that creative?" and I'm not very tech savvy and ...a whole host of problems. Basically, I don't know how to get started and get the ball rolling.

    • vgman94

      @blah12345678910blah Considering how I am verbally, I would probably do that naturally. Any little trigger in a game and I'll rant/dig into the topic. And...I love to daydream, so that could translate into me just talking about anything. I would still make dedicated social issue videos though, in addition to gaming content. Maybe other stuff now and then too. I want to make a channel based on variety.

    • Wyllomy Greene

      Have you ever heard of the School of YouTube? It's a series of videos by popular content creators about how THEY do it. You don't have to be tech savvy to learn from those videos (even though many of them go into detail about various graphics and video tools). Alot of what makes a video successful is making it as 'watchable' as possible. If all you're doing is your own camera work, that's totally cool, and in no way a barrier to making good videos. But go watch those School of YouTube videos to learn more about basics of lighting, contrast, sound, etc - all things you can do with just a simple phone camera. (BTW, I am saying all this without seeing any of your own videos.)

    • Douglas Rau

       I am a creative person--I'm an actor.  Check out my channel, I have videos of me singing in shows and whatnot.  But creating Youtube content is different.

    • vgman94

      I feel so much like you....Well, except that, for myself, I do feel I have some creative spirit and am good at researching topics on social issues. (I'd probably make a political commentary/gaming channel hybrid or something if that's possible) What I am missing is the tech savvy stuff, and learning how to edit and use programs and stuff.

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