Get Paid To Post On Facebook/Social Media. Up To $16 Per Hour!

Couple of firms that will employ you to upload as well as monitor their social media sites! And some that allows you to make by publishing on your
very own social websites.

1. Crispthinking- keeping track of social media sites tasks. Call the firm straight. Or send out return to.

2. Grammar Inc. Social Media Support. You will be helping with social media sites scheduling in Hootsuite and Sprout Social, helping with newsletter circulation, and publishing and also marking articles on WordPress, Blogger, and various other third-party sites and networks.

3. LiveWorld

4. Creative Circle-$ 12-$ 16 per hr.

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Get Paid To Post On Facebook/Social Media. Up To $16 Per Hour!

Few companies that will hire you to post and monitor their social media sites! And some that allows you to earn by posting on your
own social sites.

1.Crispthinking- monitoring social media activities. Contact the company directly. Or send resume.

2. Grammar Inc. Social Media Assistance. You will be assisting with social media scheduling in Hootsuite and Sprout Social, helping with newsletter distribution, and uploading and tagging posts on WordPress, Blogger, and other third-party sites and networks.,+SC&jk=6d8d4bbca1e14eda&atk=&chnl=JobrollSearch&utm_source=publisher&utm_medium=organic_listings&utm_campaign=affiliate

3. LiveWorld

4. Creative Circle-$12-$16 per hour.

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    ur a good information giver melecia..are u sure these are safe and legiitmate..dont want to run into fraud and loose money

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