Forex Trendy | Over 300 Pips With Member Trade Alerts

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Members get trade signals from Forex Trendy right into their e-mails. These trades provided over 300 pips in under 24-hour.

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EURAUD MARKET 1.4247 103 P.

GBPAUD SELL 1.6700 112P.

NZDJPY BUY 79.48 18P.

335 PIPS.

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Forex Trendy | Over 300 Pips With Member Trade Alerts
Truths Of Trading You Should Know - FREE DOWNLOAD

Members receive trade alerts from Forex Trendy right into their emails. These trades gave over 300 pips in under 24 hours.

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AUDUSD BUY .7443 53P

EURNZD SELL 1.5028 49P

EURAUD SELL 1.4247 103 P

GBPAUD SELL 1.6700 112P

NZDJPY BUY 79.48 18P

335 PIPS

14 Replies to “Forex Trendy | Over 300 Pips With Member Trade Alerts”

  1. WeBrand U

    i noticed your patterns go as low as M15 although you are a longer term trader. What are the recommended setting to find the best patterns?

  2. Rudy Brown

    Hello, I have a few questions, just purchased Forex Trendy and Fibo through you, whats the best way to reach you?

    • Trading Plan

      Medium reliability and then looking for price action basing under the levels. Consider setting the price point of the potential break on the free charts at Tradingview. I find those alerts are top notch.

    • Rudy Brown

      @Trading Plan Thank you, in Forex Trendy in the setting section, what reliability do you recommend? also Im finding it difficult to receive email alerts, are you using

    • Trading Plan

      Best way to reach me is through the Youtube comment section like this. You can also send me a message through the channel

  3. Tudor Renegade

    I've been a member for a month, their pattern signals had a 50% chance to win so far. I hope to get better with their new trend alerts.

    • Trading Plan

      There is nothing wrong with a 50% win rate. Many traders who chase the mythical consistent 80% win rate would be better off searching for unicorns. Some of the best in the biz have a 30% win rate. Don't get suckered by marketers pumping high win rates. Win rates are part of an equation that also must include dollar gains vs dollar losses.

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