4 WATCHES Every Guy NEEDS to OWN Right NOW | MUST HAVE Watches for Indian Men | Mayank Bhattacharya

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4 WATCHES Every Guy NEEDS to OWN Today|MUST HAVE Looks For Indian Men|Mayank Bhattacharya
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In this episode of Guy's Essentials, Mayank shares his 4 favourite look for metropolitan modern men.

Click Here for Best Men's Watches Details

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4 WATCHES Every Guy NEEDS to OWN Right NOW | MUST HAVE Watches for Indian Men | Mayank Bhattacharya

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4 WATCHES Every Guy NEEDS to OWN Right NOW | MUST HAVE Watches for Indian Men | Mayank Bhattacharya
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In this episode of Men's Essentials, Mayank shares his 4 favourite watches for urban modern men.

32 Replies to “4 WATCHES Every Guy NEEDS to OWN Right NOW | MUST HAVE Watches for Indian Men | Mayank Bhattacharya”

  1. TechPro

    Instead of going for s#it watch like Coleman, why not go for Seiko presage or orient Bambino or something from citizen.

    Coleman looks like something from AliExpress. In fact you can get better pieces from AliExpress. Coleman is just a watch made in China with citizen movement.

  2. lord raghuvansi

    Sadly you didn't show any Orient watches in the video. Bambino series and Envoy series are far luxurious and has heritage, also in budget rs 15-20k

  3. Rahul Richard

    I hav 7watches including fitness tracker...
    Should i comment separately abt ur vdo??
    Remarkable 😍😗😙😚

  4. Kartikeya Mishra

    Mayank u need to understand that we as middle class people cant spend 15000 on watch .. make videos for watches and stuff under 2000

    • R2 D2¿

      Cheaper alternative to the above mentioned watches-
      1.G-shock dw5600-msrp of 4000 could get it for 3500 if that's also too much then try casio f91 retail around for rs 700. Both are top notch quality watches and can be found alongside rolex, omegas and nomos collection of people.
      2. Timex weekender itself is not expensive
      3. Diver watches are generally expensive so you won't find it cheaper than 20k in India rather import it, even if you have to pay import duty it would be still cheaper than stores here. Good ones are seiko skx009/13 or citizen pro master which are around 200$ 14k inr. If want lower priced then that then check out vostok amphibia which are half the price of seiko and citizen(vostok can be purchased from meranom.com)
      4. Coleman alternative can be weekender but if you really want something in line of it and also cheap then your only option is HMT(yes hmt 😁), now hmt has been shut down but still there are some pices available on their website, there you can find a hand wound mechanical watch, if you want something like Coleman then check out hmt nova which cost around 2.8k to 3.8k

    • lord raghuvansi

      Lol you mean lower upper class don't spend this amount on watch.
      In norm of 3 range of middle class average households:
      1.Lower middle class budget :rs 4-6k
      2.Middle middle class budget :rs 5-20k
      3.Higher middle class budget :rs 10-50k+
      This is what came up on a survey in 2016 on how much one spend on timepiece in an average middle class norm.

    • AR

      you can, actually. It depends upon where an expensive watch feature in your priority list. How many people do you know own a 50k mobile phone but a very cheap watch? Compare their value - a phone will serve 3-4 years max while a quality watch is for a lifetime, perhaps even more.

    • Manu B

      Its not just about what you can afford now , what you can look forward to owning . The good ones last a loong looong time maybe even generations ! Unlike the smart phone or tab or laptop this video is being watched on!

  5. Swapnil Ghoshal

    again, uve educated us so well by ur prev vids that this one was another stamp of approval to whaat i already own 😀 😀

    how bout a vid on 5/6/7 best ways to propose my girl ?

  6. Brandon Boyle

    To show the reach that this channel has, I'm from Ireland and I show mayanks videos to all my friends as I find them quite the inspiration when it comes to casual attire. This channel has motivated me to be the best version of myself and I cannot recommend it enough. This channel, in my opinion, is up there with the likes of Aaron Marinos Alpha M and Antonio Centenos Real Men Real Style. Keep up the great work because you truly are making a difference!!

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