25 Most Dangerous Food for Diabetes (No.1 Scary)

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Halki Diabetes Mellitus Solution:
25 A Lot Of Harmful Food for Diabetic Issues (No. 1 Frightening).

There are many dangerous foods for diabetics should avoid. As an example sweet and soft drink which are dangerous for diabetics. It results from body can absorb the sugars on sweet as well as soft drink directly. There will be many food which should be avoided by diabetics such as:
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Diabetes Natural Remedy Solution

25 Most Dangerous Food for Diabetes (No.1 Scary)

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25 Most Dangerous Food for Diabetes (No.1 Scary).

There are so many dangerous foods for diabetics should avoid. For example candy and soda which are dangerous for diabetics. It is due to body can absorb the sugars on candy and soda directly. There will be so many food which must be avoided by diabetics such as:
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61 Replies to “25 Most Dangerous Food for Diabetes (No.1 Scary)”

    • Best Food Videos

      Lovely Video! Excuse me for the intrusion, I would love your thoughts. Have you heard the talk about - Patlarny Sugar Outcome Principle (do a search on google)? It is a good one of a kind guide for reversing diabetes minus the normal expense. Ive heard some amazing things about it and my close friend Aubrey finally got cool results with it.

  1. John Johnson

    I've been a type 1 diabetic for 33 years and have eaten just about everything on this list. Everything in moderation

    • rose dickerson

      @joevlee thanks i check it out
      so far she been eating fish and vegetables and drinking water all of less week and her insulin levels were good one day she didn't even have to take insulin shot because it was 100-102 every tie we check
      she need to do what she needs to do to reverse this get her kidneys back up again and reverse that liver damage
      i believe she got what it takes

    • joevlee

      @rose dickerson I suggest your mom watch videos by Dennis Pollock, who recommended low carbs high fat ,small protein and intermittent fasting. Mosty depends on less carbs the better and just a little walk every day to burn it off calories. Blood sugar stays in your blood for 90 days, thus the a1c blood sugar lab test. Basically hv to monitor it ur carb intake every meal. Drink lots of water. Stress causes insulin to spike. Stop eating by 8 pm or sooner. Cheers

  2. Selveta Hyatt

    We can EAT everything as long as our stomach can take it do it in moderation people eat little amount at a time drink lot of WATER and drink bitters detox your self every 2 week.live for GOD and love one another. Nothing CAN beat that. Stayed health ONE LOVE pm

    • Irineia Shelley

      I quite acree with you eat with moderation. Also some people are allergic to some fruits. That make difficult to the stomach to digest some type of food.
      I found this video very depressing really.

    • rose dickerson

      What’s controlled to you?
      Having a sugar level of 200 after two to three hours is not controlled.
      Control is being off of medication and insulin if you type 2.
      You can beat this

    • Manny M

      I’m also a diabetic and I eat certain things on this list but I know how much I can eat. I figured out what works for me the key is moderation

    • Paul Orr

      @Michael March if fasting is bad for people with type 2 diabetes, then why do people who have had bariatric surgery so often get rid of type 2 diabtetes? The problem with fasting is no one makes money off of it.

    • Michael March

      @Paul Orr Fasting has its bad side too. Remember what the body does when it needs energy. It does not wait for you to feed it, it gets it internally at any cost. The video above is very misleading, not to say you should eat these things everyday, but to limit your intake and monitor your levels. Essentially take CONTROL. But you cannot do this without knowing what various foods do and how your body responds. And sitting all day won't help. YOU MUST MONITOR YOUR BLOOD SUGAR regularly. NOT JUST ONCE A WEEK OR ONCE A DAY.

      Though it appears that all we can eat is cardboard (the brown one) and dirt (brown one here too), there are more choices.

  3. Mehbuba meem

    Get up early in the morning
    Do exercise for about 45 mins such as walking ,cycling,,,
    Then at breakfast take the following: two eggs
    Use extra vergin olive oil for cooking spinach
    Then at launch ,,
    Eggs one
    Vegetable which are sugar free
    Fish or meat one or two pieces

    At evening when we do take snacks ,,in stead we should take butter two tea spoon with peanut small amount ,that's it
    We should take dinner within 8.00pm
    Dinner recipi same as launch
    Drink plenty of water
    With this list I have lost significant amount of my weight and my sugar level is normal
    Now I take the same foods that I used to take when I was healthy but in a limited amount
    And avoid junk foods
    Soft or cold drinks
    Any pestri or sweets
    Believe me it's more than helpful.

    • Paul Wood

      @Gabriel Browns I have type 2 diabetes with blurred eyesight vision where I see double, plus high blood pressure and bad kidneys and aching arms and legs. Does this Dr. Okodughha have an e-mail to contact?

    • Diabetes EveryDay

      People with diabetes most definitely can eat. The important message about fruits is we are looking at total carbohydrate and not sugar like everyone seems to comment about. Look at 15 gram carb servings of fruit. For example 17 grapes; 1 small apple; 1 medium peach; or 1 1/14 cups while strawberries or watermelon are all equal to a 15 gram carb choice. Found out how many carbs to eat per meal and then you can fit in the serving of fruit equaling 15 grams. Hope this is helpful. -Toby/

    • Tony Antonio

      I don’t understand, some says its ok to eat some of this fruits, now on this video it’s dangerous. I don’t know what to eat now. That’s scary.

  4. MyDaily Life

    The persons that made this video doesn’t know anything about diabetes.


  5. Pia 25

    So after viewing this....what shall diabetics eat???? Nothing....oh no i will not die from diabetis but from starvationπŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„

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